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Here I go again on my own...

Edward Eade
12 April
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Ok, A little about me, I'm 36, I'm currently employed as a computer support geek. Not going to make me rich, but it pays the bills. Working on getting some certs and studying to get a little higher on the carear ladder.

Hobbies include hanging out with my friends doing whatever happens to come up, Renaissance Fairs (I used to work at the one in Maryland, and am involved in a stage combat group. (In plays and fairs and stuff our job is to make it look like we're trying to kill each other without actually doing any harm), Reading (Always need more bookshelves), fiddling around on my computer (Yes I am an Everquest 2 junkie, but real life comes first), role playing games (Like Dungeons & Dragons, and no it's not satanic, it's just a game :) ) and roller coasters (I looovvee roller coasters :) ).

My taste in music is rather eclectic, in my collection I have at least a little bit of almost every kind of music you can probably think of, classical, country, rock, metal, alternative, folk, punk, rap, hip-hop, techno you name it it's probably in there. I always like trying new things, but I have athsma which holds me back some for the more physical activities.